View Full Version : help us fundraise for sick children

the little audio company
20-07-2019, 16:33
We're asking for your used/unwanted CDs to resell, with ALL profits going to the Birmingham Children's Hospital. Initially, we're asking for donated CDs, but I'll eventually set up something along the lines of MusicMagpie, with similar pricing (although slightly higher). We'll also look at matching the funds raised on a monthly basis at some point, in order to double the donation amount.

So if you have any CDs, or know of anyone dumping or giving away their CD collection (seems to be quite a few on Facebook groups etc!), please let them know.

Full details here: https://www.thelittleaudiocompany.co.uk/fundraising-for-children

20-07-2019, 17:08
Fantastic , what a great idea and a great cause

the little audio company
21-07-2019, 21:12
Thanks hifinutt - I’m just hoping it does well after being in two minds about starting it :)