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13-07-2019, 19:14
So time ago I started here a thread about ESS9018. Well I got distracted as Allo Boss DAC came for sale on this site. I have RPi with HiFiBerry DAC Pro+, but having seen very good reviews about Allo I could not resist. Since, I bought it here it is only fair that I present my here on this forum first.

To begin with I played Boss for a few days/weeks using Rpi PS for RPi and home made linear PS with LM317 for Boss.
I did not have a nice enclosure for Pi with Boss. Also power supplies scattered around were a bit annoying.

Later I have decided to put Pi and Boss into an old TV box.

As an additional exercise/challenge I have decided to add a small LCD screen to display the song information. It is only 2x16 characters screen as a bigger 4x20 does not fit in my enclosure.

Some pictures follow.

13-07-2019, 19:30
Some pictures...

13-07-2019, 19:34
After some messing with the LCD scripts I finally got it working.

13-07-2019, 19:42
As you can see I removed Motorola logo from the front panel, but not the standby sign nor the up/down/left/right arrow. They might prove to be useful at some point. It is easy to remove them,, but I would never be able to put them back as nicely as they are now.

13-07-2019, 19:58
Ha, cool!

13-07-2019, 22:25
ingenious! Good work Greg!

14-07-2019, 05:49
Genius! A nice looking job, impressive!


14-07-2019, 08:04
Thanks guys! I pretty happy with it.
It seems to have reasonably high WAF too.

14-07-2019, 08:15
It does look pretty cool . Nice one.