View Full Version : FS: Tron Convergence Signature MM Phono Stage

Ammonite Audio
10-07-2019, 14:29

I bought this all-valve Tron Convergence Signature MM phono stage from Graham Tricker in Feb 2019 for personal use but ultimately I preferred my existing phono stage, so this may as well go to a new home. It is the upgraded Signature MM version, normally retailing for 1300 and I would like 850. It is a very lovely sounding thing, very quiet and beautifully built.


Ammonite Audio
16-07-2019, 11:42
Still available.

16-07-2019, 12:22
Whats the difference between this and the std unit?

Ammonite Audio
16-07-2019, 12:48
According to Tron's website, the "Signature" version has selected components fitted, plus a few other improvements incorporated that Graham Tricker found to improve the audio fidelity even further. I didn't ask Graham what components are different and I've not looked inside, so that's all the information I have.

Ammonite Audio
08-08-2019, 12:48
Still available