View Full Version : TT100 Service

Radford Revival
08-07-2019, 15:59
Recently had a TT100 in for a service. Work done:

Replaced leaky electrolytics. Most of the blue Phillips types were showing physical signs of chemical leakage and no doubt electrically leaky too. To be honest after I spotted the physical signs I just opted to change the lot. The main PSU cans had been done to quite a good standard previously by someone so left as is.
New mains flex and clamping with far better PE to chassis connection
New internal mains wiring.
Repaired mains fuser holder (was repairable without becoming hazardous, plus it's inside the amp anyway)
New output valves and re-biased.
Simple mod to underside of the main PCBs to breath an L-R earth loop issue that apparently is an oversight with these amps. Luckily the PCB layout lends itself to an easy fix.
New cliff binding posts to fit the keyed holes in the amp (to replace some cheap ones someone had fitted, which to be fair was done to a good standard but the plastic threads on them had stripped).

Good as new and ready for another few decades!