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the little audio company
02-07-2019, 13:28
I’ve copied and pasted this from our Facebook page, for those that don’t do Facebook. You can see the full post on Facebook along with plenty of photos here: https://m.facebook.com/thelittleaudiocompany/ , for some reason, it doesn’t want to upload them via an iPad for some reason:

This year’s Auden Distribution room at the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall drew in quite a crowd with Hegel, Amphion, Innuos, Audiomica Laboratory, Musicworks, and Lateral Audio, as well as some great music over the course of the weekend.

The huge (and thankfully air-conditioned) room was easily filled by the Amphion Krypton 3 loudspeakers, again showing their amazing capabilities of reproducing music effortlessly and naturally. During the weekend I spotted a number of people looking around the back of these to see if there were extra drivers - and even if they couldn’t see any, they we’re right - very few people weren’t aware of the long-throw aluminium 10” bass driver mounted on the sides of the cabinets. These supplement the two papyrus 8” midrange drivers, and 1” titanium HF unit. They were looking fantastic in white.

Connected to these via Audiomica speaker cables was Hegel’s monstrous H590 integrated amplifier controlled them perfectly, and with 301 watts per channel on tap, allowed the Krytpon 3s to reach as deep as many dedicated subwoofers!

The two box Innuos Statement digital server provided the perfect digital source, allowing the rest of the system to get on and do their own funky thing, connecting to the Hegel with an Audiomica USB cable.

Power was supplied to the Innuos and Hegel via a Musicworks mains block and mains cables.

All electronics were supported by Lateral Audio equipment stands - a British company hand making high quality stylish stands, and some now with a dash of colour. Some of these will have been seen at the foot of the stairs near the bar area.

One of the stars of the whole demo though was the soon-to-be-released AcouPlex isolation platform, which makes use of materials used in the PEEK isolation cones that work so well. Several times during the weekend, the platform was introduced underneath the Statement, showing immediately detectable differences within seconds, even during quiet opening intros to tracks before the main music even started! Another was then added underneath the Hegel amplifier, furthering the gains of the first platform. One witness said he couldn’t get his head around the difference they were making! Watch out for more news on these when they appear shortly...

Just like last year, we received loads of great feedback on the system, which makes the time and effort put into setting them up all the more satisfying. We hope that anyone who visited us enjoyed what we had to offer. If you’ve never visited the North West Audio Show yet, make sure you do next year!

Ali Tait
02-07-2019, 13:55
System sounded very good when I was in there. Shame the speakers are so expensive.

the little audio company
02-07-2019, 14:44
13-14,000? Cheaper than some at the show! They’re surprisingly capable though. They’re not exactly small, but they’re not big wide hinges like a lot of higher end speakers, they’re still a manageable shape and size for larger living rooms. Considering that, their bass is extremely deep (one Jon Hopkins track was showing that off), and their midrange not forced, thanks to dual 8” midrange drivers.

I’ve always felt that in order to appreciate the sound of a loudspeaker, it helps to understand them - their driver arrangement, technology behind them, how they work etc. Doing this gives an appreciation for not only what they are doing, but what they’re also not doing!

It’s interesting looking at feedback across the internet about the show, and proves you can’t please everyone! Sometimes it makes you wonder how a particular room gets more mentions than your own, knowing that their system wasn’t as good or pleasing to the ear. But hey, we’re all different, and we weren’t aiming for the head shearing sort of sound on offer in some rooms - just an effortless sounding system that’s enjoyable to listen to, regardless of music genre.

Not sure what day and time you were in there, but the Acouplex platforms that we added to the Innuos Statement from around 3pm Saturday took the system to a whole new level. It made such a difference we “borrowed” one from another room and put it under the Hegel 590 amp.