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30-01-2008, 14:00
There are a lot of smilies on this forum arent there - which one to choose...:harp: probably for no reason I can think of.

Anyway - just had to join a forum that has a picture of a Clearaudio TT on the top. I have one too - but not quite as grand as the Master Reference. I have the Master Solution / TQI linear tracker and a Denon 103 :eek: which plays remarkably well considering its price.

Well that is probably too much info for a first post (I am known to be longwinded)

30-01-2008, 14:12
Hi Max,

Welcome to the forum :)

You're not being long-winded at all. It's great to get some background information from our new members!

If you've got a picture of your system you can post please do so in our Gallery. Sounds like you've got an interesting system, and you'll certainly find a few DL-103 aficionados here, including me!! :cool:

I use the 103Pro mainly, but I also have the standard 103 and a 103R. I also intend to 'road test' a ZU-modified 103, which I heard at the recent Manchester show (check out the pictures). They're fantastic cartridges for the money and veritable giant-killers, particularly when used with a matching step-up transformer.


30-01-2008, 14:22
I have a fairly up to date profile http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm on the ACA site. The only obvious different is that the speakers have sprouted legs. Some of my history on there too.

Thanks for the welcome.

30-01-2008, 14:46
Hi Max and welcome!

30-01-2008, 15:05

Great website and some pretty cool pics on there. It would be great if you could transfer the most up-to-date pictures of your system to the Gallery area of our forum, as it adds interest to our site. Links are ok, but fully uploaded pictures are better! :)

You can add your website address to the signature on your profile.


31-01-2008, 02:05
Hi Max

great site you have there, but does your wife know what you spent on all that gear

( aka the greek audiophile u-tube bit we all love)



31-01-2008, 11:37
Hi Kurt,

Funnily enough I forgot to tell my wife to watch that video!!

Actually my system is nothing like as expensive as some of the ones on there, which is why you dont get to see it other than the group listening session at the end which was at my house. At least I made the cut even if my system didnt.

Further - there is now a DVD available with a lot more coverage. Not sure where you can get it from - do a search for Savage Bean and it should come up for anyone that is interested. From memory the full DVD has over an hour on it as opposed to the 20 minutes or so of the You tube extract.

I make an even more complete idiot of myself on the DVD when confronted with the question "How do you justify spending all this money on audio when there are people in the world who are starving?"

Caught me off guard with that one....

31-01-2008, 11:39
OK - how do I edit my profile?

31-01-2008, 16:51
Hi Max!
Very nice to have you around here. A pity Tony is gone now (from ACA). For me there's no fun any more there.


01-02-2008, 07:47
Tony has now changed his mind on resigning from the club so I guess he will be back on line on the foum in the fullness of time. Kepp an eye out for him starting to post.

Thanks for the welcome - this looks like it could become a fun place - just needs more members and posts.

Doing my bit of course....