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Malvern Audio Research
05-03-2019, 09:27
Malvern Audio Research, has been formed over the last few years, after the coming together of a number of artizan hifi brands..
A brief and half written intro..more coming soon..:lol::eyebrows:

As a fan of quality "not on the high street" HiFi,with a passion for valve based products, I was persuaded to design some valve based Phono stages.. From my earlier use of Nuvistors as a radio Ham many years ago, I decided they were the perfect valve for a Phono stage.. Hence the Audio Detail NV-06 (all nuvistor phono stage) and the more sophisticated NV-08, with 6922 in the output stage for rolling..
Audio Detail now has a range of Pre amps, phono stages, new 211 Mono blocks and coming soon a DHT premap to match the monos..All hand built in Malvern to order..

hORNS Loudspeakers form the Aria1 right up to the Universums, fabulous hand made speakers unique in their designs,. but full sounded with no nasties! All that at a sensible price..

Also some have heard of Ming da for example?? Ah Chinese, worse still ChiFi...they say!

Well actually NO :)

Yes Ming da is a Chinese brand set up 27 years ago, specifically to manufacture Valve amplification, purely because Jigui Xiou(the owner) loves valve amps! Some of you will know that, for Icon Audio's first 5 years, it was Ming da making their amps.. Until David Shaw built his own factory in Zhuhai, southern China..

Then 7 years ago, I came along and started Ming da UK, as they are hand built, high end artizan amps.. I give 3 years warrnaty and now get involved in new designs, enjoying 2 vists every year to the factory..:):)

More to follow....

05-03-2019, 10:03
Welcome Mark. Loadsa interesting stuff on your website.

You need to get your spell checker out..:rolleyes:

05-03-2019, 10:03
Hi Mark,

Welcome to AoS!

Heard of Ming Da and there's some very positive feedback about the brand. A friend of mine is bringing one of your Audio Detail phonostages over tomorrow for a listen, which has coincided nicely with you joining here.

What's the odds ay!?


Malvern Audio Research
06-03-2019, 09:09
Hi Guys

Small world hey :)..Enjoy the Phono stage...

As for spell checker..Lisdexia is pain in the arm!

Malvern Audio Research
06-03-2019, 09:24
Hi Guys

Small world hey :)..Enjoy the Phono stage...

As for spell checker..Lisdexia is pain in the arm!2549825498

06-03-2019, 09:35
welcome mark , enjoyed your room at Bristol so much , one of the best sounds of the show . glad to have you on here

06-03-2019, 20:47
I always enjoy visiting Mark in Malvern. He worked wonders on my Beard P35 and Ming Da Headphone Amp. A gentleman and enthusiast. Great to see you here Mark.

20-04-2019, 16:22
Went up to Mark's today for an upgrade of some capacitors, something some of you may remember I've had done before on a previously owned Piccolo :rolleyes:





The four new caps are Audyns.
The really important upgrade is the addition of a new label :)


Audio Detail is Mark's own brand. As before there is an immediate improvement in precision even though the Piccolo was not obviously lacking it in standard form. I'm expecting things to improve a bit more over the next few hours.

25-11-2020, 12:07
Hi Mark,

You have a PM:)