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27-01-2019, 19:27
The Price list!

SPOTFIRE REFERENCE Interconnect - Made from some of the purest copper on Earth!, KLE Absolute Harmony Plugs, Carbon Infused Braiding and Silver Solder.

0.5m - 200
1M - 225
1.5m - 245
2M - 265

+ 9 RMND (UK)

SPOTFIRE Interconnect Cables - Made from some of the purest copper, KLE Copper Harmony plugs and the finest Silver Solder, They offer performance way above their price tag.

0.5m - 140
1M - 165
1.5m - 180
2M - 200

+ 9 RMND (UK)

SPOTFIRE Tonearm Cable - Using the same copper and dielectric as the SPOTFIRE Interconnect, KLE Copper Harmony plugs, 24ct Gold plated pure copper STRAIGHT DIN plug and the finest Silver Solder, This arm cable has a reputation for excellence.

1.2m - 125

+ 9 RMND (UK)

SPOTFIRE BIG Baby Interconnect - Using the principles of the SPOTFIRE range, the BIG BABY is a superb cable which demonstrates just how good budget cables can be! Same purity Copper, Same dialectic, same solder, MPS Pioneer Gold Plated Pure Copper Plugs.

0.5m - 70
1m - 95
1.5m - 120
2M - 145

+ 9 RMND (UK)

SPOTFIRE Speaker Cable - Ultra pure Copper, Multi-core cable, finished with 24ct Gold Plated Copper Spades. Includes UK delivery.

1m Pair, with Spades - 240.00

1.5m Pair with Spades - 275.00

2m Pair with Spades - 320.00

2.5m Pair with Spades - 355.00

3M Pair with Spades - 395.00

3.5m Pair with Spades - 430.00

4m Pair with Spades - 470.00

BIGBOTTLE MC JFET Valve Phonostage PCB DIY Project - Designed to bring a High Quality Valve Phonostage within reach of almost anyone capable of using a soldering Iron. Complete with Build guide, BOM and ongoing support, This is building a phonostage made easy! Total build *can* be done for under 350!

Discontinued - New MM/MC version will be available soon!

BIGBOTTLE MC JFET Valve PHONOSTAGE - The finished article for those who don't want to build their own.

Discontinued - New MM/MC version will be available soon!