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Mr. C
23-01-2019, 14:06
Just completed we have a pair of fully serviced and recapped Belles MB200 mono blocks, originally sold by ourselves, this pair has had two owners from new. We have also brought them up to the Generation II specification, also fitted with DC blockers (each amp) upgraded wiring, new Coherent treated Furutech IEC's and synergistic red fuses.

These amplifiers are not typical solid state fair, they have a grain free and open sound, with up to 80 amps of current on tap, they are capable of driving very stiff loads, yet deliver subtlety, layering and fluidity is spades. Very musical and involving sound can be achieved with this wonderful pair of amplifiers.

Over the years, the Belles mono's have surprised many far more costly brands with the ability to just get out of the way, rarely seen on the market. Units come with original boxes and paperwork. new cost (Gen II plus upgrades) 9000.

Asking 4875

Product Information (http://www.nunudistribution.co.uk/products_belles_mb200genii.php)

Product Hifi plus review (http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/the-belles-labs-mb-200-mono-blocs/)

Contact details (https://coherent-systems.co.uk/)



Mr. C
02-04-2019, 12:02
Now 4750 for the pair, superbly musical and unfatiguing, effortless power with zero edge.

Mr. C
22-08-2019, 09:46
Now sold thank you