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Mr. C
17-01-2019, 18:24
Just finished we have a really lovely example of Belle's VT-01 V2 valve hybrid pre amplifier in black. Originally supplied by ourselves in 2012, this wonderfully musical and engaging piece brings many great quality to a audio system.

The Version 2 had only one pair of tubes, reed relay switching, improved voltage regulation and around 30% better all round than the V1.

It is 2 channel purist designed pre amplifier with four (4) inputs and two (2) pairs of outputs. A pair of cathode followers (12x7's) proceed a rather special fully discrete circuit which in combination delivers the best of both world, that fluid, open and tonally engaging mid band, yet couple with a wonderfully linear 200K+ bandwidth that lets the music flow unimpeded.

The unit has undergone a full service, had a total re-cap of the ALL main storage capacitors, added ultra precision bypass caps, improved SIC diodes plus new Coherent treated IEC and SR red fuse. All resulting in a really special pre amplifier.

The unit comes with six months warranty (90 day valves), original box and ready to go.

Any demo welcome.

New cost 5750 + service, recap and upgrades 700

Asking 2995

Product Information (http://www.nunudistribution.co.uk/products_belles_vt01genii.php)

Contact information (https://coherent-systems.co.uk/)



Mr. C
02-04-2019, 12:02
Now 2750

Mr. C
22-08-2019, 09:45
Now 2595