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25-12-2018, 12:45
1. Happy Christmas to all!

2. My favourite supplier of satellite cable etc. - Satcure - is no longer trading. However the website still exists, and there's still lots of useful information on the original website. I now need at least 100 metres of decent loss low loss satellite cable.

Recommendations on cable, and on supplier welcomed. I'd probably also like to replace the 4 way LNB with an 8 way one - again, suggestions welcomed.

25-12-2018, 15:42
I'm now also looking for some cable, 1m of multistrand core 75 ohm for FM tuner to wall connection, not single inner core.

Maplins was quite good, but . . . . .

25-12-2018, 21:03

22-09-2019, 15:34
Looking for recommendations also. Is Webro WF100 the one to go for?