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Mr. C
10-12-2018, 18:33
Our Ex demo pair of these quite superb speakers highly regarded and reviewed, they produce a wonderfully open, sweet articulate sound with a big stage, really engaging and involving speakers, easy load works well with valves to. 5 Globe winner Hifi World 2017.

Excellent condition with all boxes, paperwork and jumpers.

New cost of Piano Black finish 2295

Asking 1495

Product information (http://www.quadral.com/en/loudspeaker/aurum/galan/)

6 Moons review (http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/quadral/1.html)

Contact information (https://coherent-systems.co.uk/)




10-12-2018, 18:39
I've added your missing 'Q'.

Mr. C
10-12-2018, 18:42
Thank you Martin

10-12-2018, 20:22
Shame you're so far from me, I'd love to listen to those.
I was very impressed with my old Phonologues especially as I'd never heard of Quadral before.

Mr. C
11-12-2018, 09:52

Many years ago we were at the top of the M50 so not so far then!

Currently you are situated around 2 1/4 hours from us if say you lived in Coleford, St B's a little farther though.

The Galan's are rather good, these are my personal pair I use in the office system which is where a great deal of the listening is done , if you did decide to make the trip you would not be disappointed. A warm welcome and good coffee are always on the go.

Mr. C
02-10-2019, 17:54
Now sold thank you