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fanthorpes HiFi
22-10-2018, 10:53
https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/images/companies/1/Fanthorpes Logo New - Small.jpg?1521810084717 (https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/)

We have this preowned Sugden Audio Masterclass PA-4 Phono Amplifier (https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/second-hand-hifi/sugden-audio-masterclass-pa-4-phono-amplifier/) available for sale at 999

It is in very good condition, there are some marks on the top of the cabinet where another piece of Sugden has been sat which can be seen in the pictures on our website. It comes with the original box/packaging & UK mains lead.

https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/images/detailed/102/Sugden_Audio_Masterclass_PA-4_Phono_Amplifier.jpg (https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/second-hand-hifi/sugden-audio-masterclass-pa-4-phono-amplifier/)


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fanthorpes HiFi
03-01-2019, 09:41