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the little audio company
12-09-2018, 23:00
the little audio company will be exhibiting at The Audio Show 2018 in Leamington Spa on the weekend of 22nd/23rd September, and have two systems on demonstration.


We will be situated in Exec Room 2 on the ground floor in the front left hand corner of the hotel as you enter - handily, very near the bar...

Both systems will be utilising an Innuos ZENith MkII Music server (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/innuos-zenith-mk3-music-server) for streaming CD quality and hi-res material.

The first system will be based around a Hegel H190 amplifier (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/hegel-h190-integrated-amplifier) which, along with the ZENith, will be sitting on a Lateral Audio LAS-4 Integral equipment stand (http://www.lateralaudiostands.co.uk). On the end of this system will be a pair of Eclipse TD510Z MkII single driver point source loudspeakers (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/eclipse-td510z-mk2-loudspeakers). All connections will be provided by AudioQuest (including Go4 speaker cable), with the H190 and ZENITH being provided power by an AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power conditioner (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/audioquest-niagara-1000). Other than the cables and power conditioner, this system will pretty much be the one that John Darko reviewed a few months ago:


The second system will be based around a Hegel Rost amplifier (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/hegel-rost-integrated-amplifier), which will be sitting on a far more modest IKEA piece of...furniture. This system will predominantly be using the compact
Ophidian Mambo floorstanding loudspeakers (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/ophidian-mambo-loudspeakers), nut the diminutive Minimo standmount speakers (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/ophidian-minimo-loudspeakers) will be on hand too. Also with this system will be the Amphion Argon 0 (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/amphion-argon-0-loudspeakers) and Argon 1 (https://www.thelittleaudio.company/amphion-argon-1-loudspeakers) loudspeakers. Again, AudioQuest cable will be used, including the new Rocket 22 speaker cable.

So do pop in and have a listen, as I’m quite looking forward to showing this system off.

15-09-2018, 17:29
should be a good show this year , hope it goes well

15-09-2018, 17:42
I already have tickets for the show so look forward to hearing your systems.

the little audio company
16-09-2018, 23:42
The AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power conditioner will be powering the main system, comprising of the Innuos ZENith MkII and Hegel H190 amplifier.


the little audio company
17-09-2018, 00:44
The electronics of the main system (Innuos ZENith MkII and Hegel H190) will be sitting quite comfortably on a Lateral Audio LAS-4 Integral equipment stand - shown here, but the legs are also wood rather than the aluminium shown, which is available at extra cost.