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31-08-2018, 09:47
hi to all.
This week we have released our new SPdif transporter the big brother of our well kown Digione.

See details here:

Our regular DigiOne has no equal.
In our quest for digital perfection we asked how we can improve the design and give you the ultimate DigiOne.
First, we decided to use more board space (we are using 2 boards), the PCB area increased 220%. First board is the “dirty side” and top board has the “clean side”. With the extra space, we used the best decoupling capacitors (film) on everything that’s important (clocks, buffers, flip flops). Also, with this extra space we added a supercap on the “clean side” so most of the electrons come from this onboard “buffer” (there is so much power onboard that DigiOne Sig can run a few seconds without any power attached to the clean side).
We also decided to use 2 power supplies. The “dirty power” needs 5V /2-3A (RPI power). The “clean side” needs about 100mA and accepts from 5V to 6V. You can use anything on it, linear power supply or pure batteries power.
Thirdly, we changed the clocks to the latest from NDK (ultralow jitter SDA) that have lower phase noise than the previous generation.

>>> retails for 239$ USD shipped form India or 293$USD shipped from EU.

we offer it as a plug & play player as well and an aluminum case is being designed for it.

We are considering offering a unit for review, those interested please PM me.


10-10-2018, 17:57
Just put a signature in my system.
After two days of listening I'm really impressed.
Before I used the coax out from a bluesound node 2 into a smsl m8a dac powered by a linear supply.
I also tried a the USBridge . This didn't really improve on the node 2
But the digione signature gives a much more refined soundstage. Placement timing and space of instruments is better defined.
The way reverb defines space has improved considerably.
It's difficult to express the improvement, particularly because of the language problem.
But in my system the digione signature really gave a big improvement.

23-10-2018, 13:31
Hello Eelco,

glad to see that you are enjoying your Digione Signature.
Please tell me how you are powering it.

We recommend to use a high end power supply for the clean side or even batteries.
Its very important to feed the best power to the clean side.

thank you

15-11-2018, 10:58
Hi Andre, It would have made much more sense to have power headers on the Signature board as well as the USB C connectors, maybe something Allo should look at for future versions of the DigiOne or other HAT DACs.

23-11-2018, 14:04
Hi Killer, we will consider this for future releases.

thanks for the feedback.