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Mr. C
23-08-2018, 08:53
We have a brand new sealed in the box Nova-fidelity X40 in silver. Wonderful Streamer/Ripper/Server/FM Tuner/MM Phono stage/headphone amp/Pre amp ideal for system controller. Handles Spotify/Tidel/Deezer/Qoboz high resolution files up to 32bit/384Khz can be used a digital transport as well as a dac, also analogue input and the ability to record your vinyl in high resolution as well. Internal storage up-to 6TB. New cost 1500 (with 2Tb storage) Full warranty

Asking 995

Product Information (http://www.cocktailaudio.com/home/sub01_03.php)



Mr. C
18-09-2018, 14:07
Now sold thank you