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29-07-2018, 18:50
Some of the modern HD films on my OLED tv display, what I believe is known as a Soap Opera effect. It's a bit over realistic, although it doesnt bother me too much, my other half really hates it and moans it looks like Crossroads. I read an article about it being caused by a high frame rate. Any one else experienced this and changed any of the tv settings?

29-07-2018, 19:01
frame interpolation

Jac Hawk
29-07-2018, 19:02
yes every now and again, it's almost like the picture is too sharp and it looks a bit unrealistic

29-07-2018, 19:08
It's caused by film rates at 24fps compared to videos 30. They used to use a 3-2 system or add black frames etc but as refresh rates increased they brought out frame interpolation which is taking 2 frames and guessing what goes in between

the little audio company
17-09-2018, 00:41
In my opinion, films should be watched at 24fps, itís how theyíre filmed!

I was at a friendís house recently and he has an LG. As soon as the logo came up for the film, I asked him what his motion settings were. Turns out the LGs (itís about a year or so old) is a native 120Hz panel. I couldnít find any settings to change it, so had to watch films at 120fps. If all OLEDs did this, Iíd never own one. Looked bloody awful, making everything look like it was filmed in a BBC studio, like Doctor Who. It wasnít so bad for Ready Player One due to the style of most of the film, but it just felt wrong watching
Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049.

Pigmy Pony
06-11-2018, 16:02
I don't care for the over-sharp images of most modern TV's. My eight year old Panasonic Plasma is perfect for me, not super-sharp, but makes people look human, not like characters in a video game.

I don't know what I'll do when it eventually packs up.

06-11-2018, 16:50
I had this problem with mine, fiddled with loads of settings until I discovered that the solution is to just turn down the backlighting. Out of the box it will be on about 90%, drop it down to between 60-70 and Bob's your mother's brother.