View Full Version : For sale: TC-7220 MKII

19-06-2018, 10:21
I have a couple of TC-7220 MKII left over after changing the model number to MKIII in order to distinguish between the narrow and wide sockets version. Operation and size wise the two items are otherwise identical.

If anyone is interested in wiring up more than one amp or more than one pair of speakers into their system, so that they can switch between them, then the TC-7220 MKII is the solution. In that case, grab yourself a bargain and get the TC-7220 MKII.

Normal price is around 110 (125). AoS price is 85, or 95.

Each UK customer will get free shipping. A small shipping charge of 10 is levied on mainland EU orders.

Interested? Then send me a PM so that I can work out the exact cost to you.

Offer is only open to forum members. So fly by AoS visitors need not apply.

19-06-2018, 11:32
These would be great for bake offs or proper amp / speaker A/B testing. Can you hot switch?