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11-06-2018, 16:20
"I'm not much of a reviewer/critic. and of course the 103D is not the same as the other models, but I'd say the Cap got me 80% of what a full blown Zu would get me, with the added bonus of being able to put a completely new cartridge in it later if I need or want to. Sometimes a new one is cheaper than a re-tip.

I have to admit it scared me a bit when I was inserting the 103D into the Cap. I had to press pretty hard to get it in, and I afraid I'd either damage the body or slip and rip off the stylus. Neither happened, so I'll be more confident the next time.

I certainly do recommend the Cap. Whether you are a one cartridge audiophile, or an inveterate cartridge swapper and tube roller like me, in my opinion it will give anyone even more of what their Denon 103 is capable of than they are hearing now. The Cap is a great idea, well executed, and worth every penny to anyone like me that doesn't have the tools or skill to do the work themselves. Well done! "