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Mr. C
08-06-2018, 18:45
Our very latest pre owned list

Coherent Systems latest pre owned equipment (https://coherent-systems.co.uk/pre-owned-items-for-sale)

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08-06-2018, 19:00
Just using one of the bel canto pre 3 and now and it's a super little pre amp. Very versatile and has 200 settings on village control which is useful. Also home theatre bypass. Highly recommended

Mr. C
19-07-2018, 18:28
Updated items for 19/7/18

Coherent Systems Pre owned items for sale (https://coherent-systems.co.uk/pre-owned-items-for-sale)

Items due in very shortly.

Oracle Delphi Mk VI, turbo PSU full lid and hinges with Oracle SME 345 silver arm and Benz cartridge

Oracle CD1500 MK II player

Analysis Plus Solo Oval in balance 1m analogue cable

Townshend Speaker platforms

Very rare Elemental speaker stands

Black Ravioli big feet (assorted)


Plus much more soon