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27-04-2018, 13:37
I read the book The Alienist a while back, really gripping stuff if rather graphic but that's what makes a great story, when your imagination runs riot.
Netflix are now showing season one of The Alienist and it's a belter. Set in 1896 it's the story of Lazlo Kreizler and his hunt for a brutal serial killer. Kreizler is an Alienist, what nowadays is called a psychologist. The plot twists and turns and not wanting to give too much away the it is a very dark and sometimes harrowing watch, strong stomachs are recommended too.

27-04-2018, 14:26
I’ve started watching this. Yes, quite graphic. The scene in the boy brothel raised an eyebrow, not much left to the imagination there.

Smoking Joe
24-06-2018, 22:14
Yes I enjoyed the Netflix show too. Great sets.