View Full Version : 50% discount on Soundeck turntable pucks

19-04-2018, 16:50

Soundeck are offering a special price for a very short limited time. The beautiful vibration absorbing Damping Pucks are reduced from 115 (stainless) to 57.50 and 105 (aluminium) to 52.50 with Free Post & Packing. Read a review by Paul Rigby copy the link below
http://sounddampedsteel.com/SOUNDECK%20DPS%20DAMPING%20PUCK_%20Control%20Your% 20Frequencies.pdf
Enjoythemusic.com recommended our products as must have Christmas gifts. visit .
http://enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1217/Great_Audiophile_Gift_2017/Soundeck_Isofeet.htm and http://enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1217/Great_Audiophile_Gift_2017/Soundeck_IsoPlatMat_Turntable_Mat.htm
EMAIL SALES@SOUNDECK.CO.UK for the special discount offer.