View Full Version : FS: Foo Resistors

03-04-2018, 13:23
OCD tidy up has led to a wish to clear out a few bits, anybody interested in foo resistors?


They are:
Texas TX2575 0.1%
2 x 50R0 unopened
2 x 100R0 used
2 x 190R0 unopened
2 x 1K50 used
2 x 47K0 used
2 x 82K0 used

I also have Vishay VRSJ 1%

2 x 9K64 nos
2 x 106K0 nos
2 x 54R0 nos
2 x 3R0 nos
2 x 4R7 nos
4 x 15R0 used
2 x 68R0 used
1 x 1K5 used
1 x 47K0 used
1 x 405R619 used
4 x 50K0 used
1 x 1K0 used
2 x 1K0 0.01% used

Other Vishay bulk metal foil in blue dipped case
3 x 60R0 used

Caddock MM224
4 x 15K0 used
2 x 5K0 used

Caddock MM152
4 x 1M0 used

Prices, how about:

TX2575 8 each or 80 the lot

Vishay VRSJ & blue dipped 5 each or 100 the lot

Caddock MM224 2W 5 each

Caddock MM152 0.4W 3 each

all prices plus P&P

Or make me an offer?