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Mr. C
19-03-2018, 19:36
We have a pair of highly regarded Art Loudspeaker 'Expression' precision monitors in metallic gunmetal grey These speakers are in first class condition used only twice in their existence (8 hours at most) they are as close to new as you can get.
Original boxes have been lost however we have a very decent replacement that will handle shipping.
They offer a tight, punchy fast bass, lovely texture and great timing a great monitor speaker. New cost £4200 in the gunmetal.

Asking £1695 ono

Contact Information (http://www.coherent-systems.co.uk/contact.asp)

Old website description

Bass/ Mid Driver 1 x 170m Bass-mid (velvet-kevlar)

Tweeter 29mm tweeter (Fabric Dome)

Crossover Hand wound copper air core Inductors and Clarity cap custom made SA series capacitors

Internal Wiring Premium quality OFC copper internal wiring

Binding Posts WBT Platinum Plated input terminals

Frequency Response 30Hz - 20 kHz ±3dB

Sensitivity 88.5dB/for I watt @1metre

Impedance 8 ohm nominal impedance not below 6.5 ohms

Recommended power Min 8 watts


With the expression range, we wanted to incorporate some of the no compromise design from our flagship impressions.

The core of the expression range is centered around our high quality “velvet” Kevlar drive units, and our new high performance tweeter. We discovered the magical properties when developing our Impression, and made the decision to incorporate these magnificent drive units in a more modest, but no less developed package.

The drivers are also available in a small top ported stand mounted monitor speaker, which is available with a dedicated stand, the top porting on the monitor speaker means you can place it in your room, with much less emphasis on boundaries.

It contains the same quality components and WBT binding posts as it’s sibling. In an emulation of our impression, the expression monitor, is also available at original purchase or as an upgrade, with the addition of a 3rd velvet Kevlar unit, here an 8” to enable the monitor to be used as a 3 way modular floor stander, the top porting is continued on the bass unit, and again makes room placement less fussy than other designs.

The sound of the expression is designed as it name suggests to offer you all the nuances of the performance, to allow it to express itself. A function of the stiffness and surface finish on the Kevlar drive units enables huge scale and emotion, and due to their lack of distortion also allows all the micro dynamics and small details to be heard in a way that adds coherence to the whole performance.

These drivers are fast enough to keep up with the most demanding of ancillaries and open a clear window on the performance of your favorite music. The simple two way design adds to the coherence and our new tweeter has allowed the Kevlar units to perform at their best.

The result is a speaker that sounds like a point source, with no differentiation between drivers, even with the addition of the 3rd bass driver leaves a coherence that is not often encountered in multi driver loudspeakers. If you want your music free from colour, and would rather hear what’s on the recording warts and all, then the expression range has been designed for you.

The expressions are not the kind of warm cuddly speakers that mask the music, these allow all the sounds that make the recording appear as one cohesive performance.

The expression range is for those who crave studio monitor like precision without the over revealing drawbacks associated with professional monitors, in short a speaker that combines the musicality and coherence of a hi fidelity speaker, with the incisiveness and reality of the best studio monitors, with the expressions your music no longer has to have any compromises.



Mr. C
03-04-2018, 09:37
Price includes the matching colour original stands as well again in as new condition.

Mr. C
05-04-2018, 13:31
Now £1495

Mr. C
03-06-2018, 16:45
Now £1375 with stands

Mr. C
30-07-2018, 09:52
Now to clear with stands £1275

Mr. C
10-09-2018, 09:04
Now £1200