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30-01-2018, 19:51
I've had a Panasonic TX55-CX802 4K TV for about 18 months, and I've been very happy with it, sourced from sky Q UHD, HD, and blu-ray...

Recently I received an HDR firmware update for the TV, this provides an HDR option on each of HDMI inputs, unfortunately the on board apps are still limited to 4K however.

I've been using a ChromeCast Ultra to stream BT Sports ashes coverage to my tv, one can also cast from youtube...which contains some 4k HDR videos.

WOW! What a noticeable improvement over 4K, the colours, the resolution...so lifelike :stalks:

So now I've just acquired an ultra HD blu-ray player (UB900), with HDR (for Netflix too)...the HDR blu-ray version of Planet Earth II is stunning!!!

Definitely worth taking HDR into account with regard to future proofing...

FYI There are as yet no plans for HDR for Sky Q, but I'm sure they'll have to implement it at some point...in order to compete with Amazon and Netflix ;)

30-01-2018, 23:30
Interesting, thanks for sharing.

31-01-2018, 06:07
Absolutely worth getting when you can.

31-01-2018, 10:58
Absolutely worth getting when you can.
Interesting article about potential HDR remastering of old material...


28-02-2018, 17:18
I have the 65 inch version of this TV with the HDR update, I couldn't get the Xbox One X to work with it and show HDR via games or Netflix (4k was fine) so I signed up for Amazon Prime and HDR worked a treat.

We recently moved and last night I got around to re-tuning all my receivers (TV, separate Sat box that feeds in via the Xbox One X) and had to re-do a couple of settings (HDR via HDMI input and change the input to HDMI 2.2 instead of 1.4) and low and behold it now all works so I can see 4k and HDR via Amazon, Netflix, Xbox One X games (They look stunning) and the Xbox's built in 4k Blu-Ray player.


PS I also use the Xbox One X as my music source, I have all my CD's on file as .flac's and have them on a USB stick and use VLC as the player, works a treat, I have the whole lot hooked up to my Pioneer receiver via optical and then on to my Tannoy Cheviots (I only use stereo).