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Sand Dancin Donkey Walker
15-05-2008, 20:21
As some of you know I have recently changed my TT to a Dr Feickert Twin, which I love. I put an Audiocraft AC-3000 tonearm onto it. With the tonearm you get 3 different arm wands, a slim tapered profile one, a slightly higher mass version ( looks like a thicker arm wand wall and larger diameter ) though not quite parallel has a slight taper, and an ‘S’ type wand. I had the Slim tapered one rewired by J7 at AudioOriami with Silver Kondo Cable and put it to use. The results were very pleasing and worth while. As I have been curious about the slightly higher mass wand I had that rewired too and have today mounted my cartridge to it and had it playing, my first impressions have been;

 A more focused central image, and on occasions a more out of speaker image
 Tighter more controlled bass response
 A touch more forward mid-range
 An apparently more open higher frequencies
The notes above are not night and day differences but nice notable improvements. If you feel the urge from my personal experience the Kondo cable rewire is well worth while. :)

On another note I have had a problem with my Dali Skyline speakers, one bass driver started to grind on inspection the roll edge suspension had perished. I contacted Dali UK on 5 occasions ( all phone calls ) and 3 ‘e’ mails regarding supply of replacement drivers and not once did the guy return my calls or get back to me with any sort of response at all. In short a completely useless article with the intelligence of a split pea that is doing Dali’s reputation with me no good what so ever. I bought a pair of drivers (matched) from Cervin Vega and delivered quickly, they are now fitted and sounding great, what a difference to the sound. Can’t believe that they must have been deteriorating over time and not noticed??? Moan over with.

On a lighter note I had a visit from Shian7 – Mike last night. What a nice guy he is, by the way Mike I have the Dali’s back in the system now and they are sound fantastic. I will leave it to you to let the AoS members know of our little experiment and it’s conclusions. I’ll go and keep my head down now. :mental:
Andy - SDDW