View Full Version : A lovely mini review of the EWA LS25 from Ed, thank for your comments Ed.

Colin Wonfor
07-12-2017, 11:05
A lovely mini review of the EWA LS25 from Ed, thank for your comments Ed.

Hello Colin

One of the best things that has happened in my audio journey has been acquainting you through the Hi Fi Answers website. I got the LS25 cable from Mike Manning, and I am absolutely delighted with them. The TQ Black is a very (pun alert!) sound cable, but I don't think that the word 'upgrade' does justice to the LS25. Here's a copy of feedback I sent Mike recently.

I started with an Isotek burn-in CD, since when I've had round the clock music and radio on, volume dependent on if I want to listen, including all night radio at neighbour friendly volume. So nicely run-in.

"When I was at first playing albums and tracks after installing the cable a week ago, I wrote comments picking out impressions as each one played (both LP and CD). Here's a compilation of some of them: more bounce - more body to acoustic instruments - more 'reed' to saxaphone - fuller midrange, as if a tone button was turned - altogether better tonal balance - warmer but accurate - trumpet more natural - wider soundstage - I want to hear everything at a louder volume than before - retains detail and ambience when volume down to night time levels - excellent bass - sharp drumming - perfect for female vocal.

Today I did something I've never been able to before, I played five LPs straight through one after another. No listener fatigue, no aggravating emphases anywhere. And all with the famous Naim PRaT.

Speaker cables which I have used or auditioned; two excellent Kimbers, Townshend Isolda, Chord Reference, Tellurium Blue then Black, and I firmly state that with my system, room acoustics and hearing, these LS25s are faraway the best.

Wanting to mitigate certain highest frequencies that were uncomfortable for me I had asked a high-end audio dealer, and then a specialist cable retailer, if it could be done with speaker cable, and they both said no. Well, genius Colin Wonfor has achieved it!"

best wishes


wee tee cee
07-12-2017, 13:00
Colin was kind enough to bring all his EWA amps and cables to Ali Tates place a few months ago--wee thread on TAS.

Heard all the kit with top notch front ends courtesy of Ali-with a variety of speakers.

Everyone there was suitably impressed- no colouration detectable.

My only concern was that someone might die from blunt trauma injury induced by an alpair driver-ive never heard my frugels sound like that.