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fanthorpes HiFi
14-11-2017, 14:57
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Musical Fidelity M6S DAC (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/brands/musical-fidelity/musical-fidelity-m6s-dac/) now in stock

Retailing at 1299, the Musical Fidelity M6S DAC is a very high-quality 32/768kHz upsampling/reclocking DAC. Equipped with 7 inputs: 3 x Coax, 3 x Optical and 1 x USB. It will accept all data rates up to 32bit 768kHz and DSD 64/128. All inputs are upsampled to 32/768.

The M6S DAC has incredibly low distortion, 0.0004% at 20kHz...breathtaking. Stereo separation is better than 120dB. Noise ratio is better than 119dB down.

The fixed/variable, single ended/balanced output stage employs state-of-the-art components and circuitry which deliver superlative technical and sonic performance and exceptional load driving characteristics and will drive any combination of cable/length/electronics flawlessly.

https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/images/detailed/101/Musical_Fidelity_M6S_DAC.jpg (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/brands/musical-fidelity/musical-fidelity-m6s-dac/)

For more information about the Musical Fidelity M6S DAC (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/brands/musical-fidelity/musical-fidelity-m6s-dac/) call us on 01482 223096 or email shop@fanthorpes.co.uk

Of course, at Fanthorpes we love to trade in, so if you want to trade in your existing HiFi against the M6S DAC, contact us and we will let you know what it is worth as a trade in.

We can also offer buy now pay later on Musical Fidelity, allowing you to spread or defer your payments over a year.

14-11-2017, 17:26
Strange that with all those inputs, and a balanced output, that this DAC doesn't have a AES/EBU (XLR) input