View Full Version : Valve power, feel the force (II)

Steve Toy
07-05-2008, 13:09
The Puresound is in for its hysterectomy at Tube Distinctions (anthonyTD) and will come back out as a power amp with no volume pot or input selection other than from a preamp. Other changes are also being effected to the circuit as well as the valves.

Meanwhile I've got the Tube Distinctions Copper amp (the baby version) on loan (pictures are in the gallery). This amp has amazing resolving power and detail retrieval is exquisite. It also has plenty of headroom and involvement factor even into my impedance mismatched 4-ohm Piegas.

The tonal colour, harmonics, subtlety, inflections and timbre are amazing. It also carries a tune better than pretty much any other amp I've heard.

Oh, it has plenty of grunt, texture and tunefulness in the bass too. :)

07-05-2008, 19:02
Nice one, Steve. It will be interesting to hear how she comes through her operation :)

She (let's call her Dorothy) is certainly in very good hands ;)