View Full Version : Err, it wasn't me. It was the music that made the difference (I think) at Heathrow

Neil McCauley
06-05-2008, 14:36
Some of you might be aware that in the June issue of Hi-Fi World, Adam Smith chose my room as being the best in the recent High Fidelity Show at Heathrow. You can read about it here http://blog.listencarefully.co.uk/ (search for Stereonow - “Best sound of the show) – although this isn’t the primary reason for this thread.

My success would not have been possible without music that appealed to exhibition visitors. Obviously without this, the rest would have been irrelevant. Moreover I wasn’t using ANY audiophile recordings at all.

A number of people have asked me for the play lists I was using. There were 10 in fact, and as you’d expect, some pieces were more of interest to others and yes, a few did it seems drive people from the room. It happens. I’d like to say, but can’t in all honesty state this to be true, that I picked music that would set the equipment combination off to it’s best.

The fact is though that as I was doing the entire show on my own, and would be on my feet for many hours, I needed a CDR (10 in fact) that could run for an hour or so and present contrast such that if a visitor popped in towards the end of a piece they didn’t like, there might be a chance that the next piece would incline them to stay.

Also, it had to be music I liked. A bit selfish I know, but there you are. Visitors were encouraged to play their own CDs and vinyl though.

I’ve started to post these play lists and you can see the first here at http://blog.listencarefully.co.uk/ and please select the “Editor: His playlists” page.

Finally, yes I do love the music of Pink Floyd and no, I’d didn’t play any at the show. Why follow the herd I thought.


06-05-2008, 15:59
Nice account, Howard. You're too modest, I feel ;)

If you've got any contacts for Adam Smith mention this forum to him will you?

He posts on Wigwam as 'Beobloke' and I'm trying to get him on here because he's a Garrard, Technics SL-1210, and all-in-all vinyl nut like me :smoking:

That request, incidentally, also goes to anyone who posts on Wigwam and can contact Beobloke accordingly.


20-05-2008, 08:06
Hi Howard - I visited your room and much enjoyed a quite prolonged stay there. It was noticeable though, that it was filled with slightly paunchy fifty-somethings (yes, me included! :)) ..... I used your room as a much-needed respite from what seemed to my delicate sensibilities to be the raucous and/or shallow dreck that was too often being used by other demonstrators.

But I do suspect that I am in the minority and that most show-goers would not be attracted to your presentation in the way that I was.

(Do I get the prize for this month's most elitist post? ;))