View Full Version : Using an AV receiver for surround sound with B&O Beolab speakers

30-06-2017, 12:56
This is a popular enquiry in our store, as a large number of people have 1990's era B&O speakers (typically Beolab 8000 and 6000) which were previously used with a B&O TV but which are now redundant due to the TV becoming obsolete. A stylish and effective surround sound system can be built from these speakers by adding an AV receiver with pre-out sockets, along with any modern TV or projector.

I would suggest looking at the Pioneer SC-LX59, Denon AVR-X3300, Yamaha RX-A830 or RX-V775 or Onkyo TX-NR828 AV processors/receivers, all of which have audio pre-out sockets for easy connection of Beolab speakers for a Dolby surround sound setup.

You can connect stereo Beolab speakers (eg. the most popular Beolab 4000 mk.1, 6000, 8000, etc) to one of these processors using these cables (if you choose the "standard" cable, then one set of cables is needed for each pair of speakers to be connected, if you choose the "high-end" cables, then you need one cable for each speaker):-

Standard cables: http://soundsheavenly.com/line-in-connection/6-av-processor-pre-amp-sonos-to-beolab-rca-line-in.html
High-end cables: http://soundsheavenly.com/line-in-connection/93--rca-rca-super-.html

If you have a Beolab 2 subwoofer, or a Beolab 7-x/Beolab 10 dedicated centre speakers, these each need a special powered cable to generate the trigger signals that would normally be sent from a B&O television:-


We can get any combination of B&O speakers working with any model of receiver, even if the receiver doesn't have pre-out sockets fitted (in this case the following level converters are added):-


I'm always happy to help with any cabling or connection questions, so please feel free to ask if you need any assistance!

Kind regards, Steve.