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23-06-2017, 19:18
I'm planning a home cinema set-up in a dual purpose room we plan to use as a 'library'/quiet reading room and as a home cinema room - with a 4k projector (hopefully the price will drop soon!) and a 105" drop down screen in front of book cases.

The plan is to use a pair of Frugelhorns (Frugel3) as the L & R speakers and to make a centre speaker using the same Alpair 7.3 driver as used in the Frugelhorns. For rear speakers I'm planing to use a pair of NXT panels (Carlsbro NLightN) that I picked up cheap on ebay - the expectation is that these will provide a diffuse source (the flat panels are a fair size - 750x550x86mm), I'm hoping to stick pictures on these to make them 'acceptable'. I'm currently looking into what sub to add as well.

My question though, is whether I should use the opportunity of the building work we're planning, to also add 4 ceiling speakers to create a 5.1.4 ATMOS setup? What experience can anyone offer - is it worth it?

For background the room size is basically 124" wide x 204" long x 95" high (10'4" x 17' x 7'11"), with an inglenook fireplace on one long side - the screen and front Left, Right and Centre speakers would be looking up the length of the room. A 7.1 system would be difficult due to the position of the fireplace - the choice is therefore 5.1 or 5.1.4 .

Thanks for any experience you can offer.

Cheers. Bill

25-06-2017, 17:14
In short yes, and not just for Atmos but for DTS X as well.
We got the free upfiring Atmos speakers with our Onkyo 636, they sit on top of the front Dali Zensors and (once I realised the auto setup with the mic had set their level laughable low and turned it right up) add a very noticeable dimension to the sound in Atmos soundtracks.
One of our friends has just built his own home with a theatre room and he installed 4 ceiling speakers, it sounds even better, in decently mixed soundtracks you really do get the sense of things coming at you, over you and then behind, it's awesome!