View Full Version : AD Audio Sale-Astin Trew CD Player, Mullard and Other Valves

AD Audio
14-06-2017, 14:22
Dear All,
Here are some items for sale:

1. Astin Trew CD Player AT3500
Very well reviewed CD player with valve output stage. See here for full review http://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/at3500_e.html

Little used 600 inc. carriage or collect London

2. Various Valves

Matched pair Mullard Gold ECC88s 200

Single Mullard ECC88 100

Reputedly the best ECC8s ever made

Matched pair Shuguang 845Bs unused 140

Matched pair Valve Arts (Shuguang made) 845Bs little used 100

Matched pair Toshiba 6AU6 30

Matched pair RCA Black plate 6AU6 40 or 20 each

Matched pair Sylvania 6AU6 25

Matched quad 6N1P 20 a pair

Matched pairs 6H8C 25 (fine sounding Russian 6SN7 equivalent)

Raytheon matched pairs 6SN7GTB 30