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fanthorpes HiFi
17-05-2017, 15:50
http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/fanthorpes_handwritten-small.jpg (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/index.php)

Hi all,

Thanks for having us on this forum! We're hoping to make a good contribution here, either through our Hi-Fi offers or by adding our input to forum discussions.

Here is a quick introduction below...

About Us

We've been trading in Hull's Hepworths Arcade since 1948. Starting out selling ex-service radios & components, business over the years has progressed to being the high end audio retailer that we are today.

The products that we sell may have changed dramatically over the years, but our customer oriented approach at Fanthorpes HiFi has remained unchanged.

We deliver a customer experience to suit you, offering a range of services such as our Hi-Fi trade in deals, 12 month interest free credit and UK wide delivery and installation service. Home audition is a big focus for us; we try and personally see & hear as many of our customers systems as possible to help give the best advice.

All of the brands we deal with have been carefully selected and profiled covering a host of stlyes and price points. We believe another strong point of our business is the stock we hold available for demo. Speakers from PMC (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/pmc-speakers/411411.htm) and KEF (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/kef-speakers/383960.htm) to Martin Logan (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/martin-logan-speakers/418317.htm), amplifiers from Chord Electronics (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/chord-electronics/418278.htm), Bryston (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/bryston/413575.htm), Devialet (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/devialet/418301.htm) and Constellation Audio (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/constellation-audio/418318.htm) and Turntables from AVID (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/avid-turntables/418228.htm) and Pro-ject (http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/p0/project-turntables/383957.htm) just to name a few manufacturers.

Check out our full product catalogue on our site here www.fanthorpes.co.uk

Where We Are

We are located in Hull, which is at the end of the M62. All you need to do to find us is get on the to the M62 and head east. It's that simple. Once you reach Hull you will find us in Hepworth's Arcade in the city's old town.

http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Fanthorpes-We-Are-Here.jpg http://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Arcade-Full-Size-e1495034544187.jpg

Contact Information

Our opening hours are 9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday

Telephone - 01482 223096
Email - shop@fanthorpes.co.uk

17-05-2017, 16:40
Nice one, Dale. Your place looks great! :)

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your contributions :cool:


Arkless Electronics
17-05-2017, 16:54
85 posts at introduction :scratch:

17-05-2017, 17:06
ah well spotted , fanthorpes have been on aos before though


some lovely kit and good to have a revived thread !