View Full Version : Elsdon Wonfor Audio Speaker Cables

Mark Grant
14-05-2017, 18:42

Available from my website.

Two types of speaker cable are available, the LS-5 and the LS-25.

Pricing is for pairs of cables and can be supplied in any lengths.

LS5 link:
Elsdon Wonfor LS-5 speaker cables (https://markgrant.co.uk/speaker-cables/349-elsdon-wonfor-audio-ls-v-speaker-cables.html)

LS25 link:
Elsdon Wonfor LS-25 Speaker cables (https://markgrant.co.uk/speaker-cables/350-elsdon-wonfor-audio-ls-xxv-speaker-cables.html)

Colin Wonfor and Alan Elsdon design the cable, I make the bulk reels of cable into retail products.

Fitted with Z plugs or spades.

This cable will never be available off the reel for DIY termination as it is very difficult and time consuming to terminate correctly which is why I do it.

Buy with confidence as they are great cables.

30 days no fuss returns policy and delivery to anywhere in the world.