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Audio Al
07-04-2017, 11:02
Could be a bargain , he states it plays two track at the same time , ? 4 track tape being used ?
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/philips-N4520-reel-to-reel-/142336624143?hash=item2123ec860f:g:02kAAOSwDmBY4fU 2

08-04-2017, 09:00
This is indeed a quarter track machine and thus a 2 sided one tape wise.

Very good for playing those pre-recorded "collectors" tapes.

These were extraordinarily well made by Philips from a range that came out in the mid 70's they called Black Tulip. They have 3 motors - all DC driven with full quartz lock PLL capstan servo.

They are also 3 speed - 3.75 / 7.5 & 15 ips which was unusual for a domestic machine at the time.

Input mixing facilities are quite comprehensive as well as front panel mounted Bias adjustment and winding speed control.

I have one of these - 50 hours use on it from new - I purchased it when I was 16 from Philips themselves as ex trade demo stock.

These are quite rare now anyway and very rare in this kind of condition - they have long lasting heads in them also with extremely good tape handling

Will be interesting to see what it goes for - I personally would not consider anything under 1800 for such a machine now as it is so useful in a domestic / semi-professional setting.

Audio Al
11-04-2017, 11:23
Someone bagged it for 200 of our new pound coins :eyebrows:

12-04-2017, 13:56
They got a good deal whoever they were if it was working..

The only problem is that is was a quarter track machine which frankly on a quarter inch machine equates to extremely poor signal to noise ratio and sound quality.