View Full Version : For sale Planax~PX record clamps.

Iota 1
21-03-2017, 15:51
For sale Planax~PX record clamps.


iota-audio-design has just a few remaining units of the unique Palnax~PX record clamps. Some years ago we bought all the remaining distributor stock of these excellent record clamps, and now with just a few of these N.O.S. items left we are offering them at just

£38.00 inc. postage in the UK.

For shipping to other locations please contact us for a quote.

The Palnax~PX record clamps will be supplied in the original presentation box with a copy of the original instructions, these are in French, however you do not have to be a linguist to follow and understand the provided instructions, “simply grip the clamp as illustrated, and it will expand and grip the record spindle, then you release your grip and it will hold your record flat to the platter,” its that simple.

This is very well engineered clamp and is both light weight (less than 50grams), so will be usable on turntables that may have a very sensitive suspension, it also grips the record spindle without damaging it, so it can be used on turntables like Rega as well as many others on which its not normally possible to use a clamp at all.

For payment details message us through our web site at


Please note:- these are N.O.S. and as a result the outside of the presentation box may show minor scratches or marks from long term storage, however the clamps inside are unmarked and in full working order.