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the little audio company
07-03-2017, 14:58
We now have the wireless LS50 loudspeakers on demo at The Little Audio Company in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. These can be heard with either an Innuos ZENith and/or a Bluesound Node II as a source.

The LS50W model will accept USB, digital optical, analogue inputs, as well as directly streaming aptX Bluetooth from any phone or tablet. A control app allows careful set up in order to make the most out of them regardless of their placement or the room, making them a very flexible, high quality speaker. The app also supports bass management for the addition of a subwoofer.

I will be posting up a review in the next week or so, which will be using the two sources above, as well as an iPhone and/or iPad as streaming source, and when it arrives, the Elipson Omega 100 Carbon RIAA BT Bluetooth turntable, an ideal high quality turntable to partner with wireless and multi-room systems such as the LS50W.

https://www.thelittleaudiocompany.co.uk/kef-ls50-wireless-loudspeakers (https://www.thelittleaudiocompany.co.uk/kef-ls50-wireless-loudspeakers)