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03-01-2010, 17:01

While investigating a completely different topic I stumbled across THIS (http://www.autocostruire.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=46&products_id=304).
It's a very simple valve based buffer stage similar to others I've seen mentioned around the forum. As with other designs they can be added into the audio chain at various points with possibly differing results. The feature that got me most interested was the one where it can be used to replace the output stage in a CD player or other similar device.

As I use a Caiman DAC instead of a standard CD player, this got me thinking about whether it was possible to use a Tubalizer to replace the opamp output stage of the Caiman or the standard 7520?

Would anyone be able to advise if and how this could be achieved?


03-01-2010, 18:36
You know, you've got me temped as the price with little wooden "presentation" box is so reasonable (well under 150 by the look of it) and it looks great SAFE fun as well...

I'd hope that Stan can see this thread ad comment on the output impedance of his DAC. I note the Tubaliser is 220K Ohm input impedance but I cannot find a note on its output impedance other than the fact that it's "low!"

Nowt wrong with op-amps if they're chosen and used carefully IMO.....

The main problem with matching solid state stuff is that the input impedance of a typical ss amp is around 10 - 20K Ohms and this is quite low. the Acoustica site quoted the lovely old Rega Planet CD player as having an output impedance of 1.2K, meaning (if I have this right) that it needs 100K as a properly matching input impedance from the matching amp. maybe Rega were using the inevitable top rolloff to "aid" the player a bit..

I wish I knew more about this and had the Maths competence to work it all out, but I don't and therefore need some guidance from experts on here..

In the meantime, please buy one of these items and tell us how you're getting on?????

[Edit] - Many thanks for the link. Looks to be a great site!

04-01-2010, 10:24
Hi Dave,

That's what I thought too. I like the fact that you can get it with or without a case. The wooden encased version does look very nice. I think I'd go for that one as well. That way even if I decide to install the board inside something else I've still got the spare enclosure for if I change things later.

Also, the type of tube this uses appears to be very well respected and there are plenty of higher quality replacements available that should improve the sound further. I think I'll give one of these a try in a couple of months after I've got my turntable up and running.

On the subject of the website, it's been linked to a few times before, usually on the subject of Aluminium enclosures which is what took me there. They do seem to have lots of other nice stuff though and the prices are quite reasonable.

If you decide to try one sooner than me I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.