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Audio Al
26-02-2017, 12:39
I was invited over to Grahams home for a few hours of HiFi ing :)

Graham has a very interesting kit list

Analogue. Basis signature 2200,

Very well engineered TT and looks good as well

Basis Vector 4.

Again well engineered and visually appealing

Koetsu Red,

Graham mentioned this had been too J7 ;)

Koetsu SUT,

Loved the look of this " Its in a unassuming wooden box with some Japanese weighting on it " :eyebrows:


WOW " Hold the front page " A pre amp with 22 valves in it :eek: , The lid was off for viewing :)

Pathos Logos Amp.

A work of art on the styling front :eyebrows:

Speakers. Amphion Xenon.

Not seen or listened to anything like these before with the side firing bass drivers ( Firing at each other ) , Mid drivers above the tweeters , Again the mid drivers were side firing but this time on both sides via drilled side facia plated , they were also front firing , The tweeters were sort of horned as the front baffle was shaped leading into the tweeter

Digital. Denon 2900,Jolida FX 11
Minidsp dirac 22A.
Airlink CBS 2000 bps

Did not get into these items as they are digital , The minidsp dirac 22a went right over my head :lol:

As it was completely different to my system it did obviously sound different , it came over as smooth and controlled , I think the control was something to do with the DSP , Overall very clean enjoyable sound quality with nothing JUMPING out at you

As requested I provided the all important hifi listening item , CAKE x2 , a Mr Kipplin fruit cake and a Chocolate fudge cake , These improved the sound quality no end :lol:

Thanks Graham for inviting me round , The 5 hours whizzed by :D

26-02-2017, 12:59
You were no doubt expecting this:

Audio Al
26-02-2017, 14:14
You were no doubt expecting this:

No camera with me and phone cameras are mostly pants , I will let Graham do some if he so desires ;)

28-02-2017, 08:57
Glad you enjoyed it Al,was a good afternoon,the lid is left off the phono as it gets very hot.
Will post some pics if I can remember how the hell to do it.

28-02-2017, 09:16

05-03-2017, 17:51
Hi Graham,

Send me a PM and I'll give you my email address. You can then mail me the pics, and I'll post them here on your behalf :)


Audio Al
05-03-2017, 19:01
The photos were showing :scratch:

05-03-2017, 19:07
Not now they're not.........

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05-03-2017, 20:20
I saw them yesterday, but they have since disappeared. :scratch:

05-03-2017, 20:22
I blame all the 'no shows'! ;)