View Full Version : List of my Lenco mods

21-02-2017, 21:22
I've been asked a few times to compile a list of all the mods to my Lenco 75 that I've been modding for the last years or so, here goes.

The latest mods are indicated with a asterisk "*". Hope this is useful.

Platter - Polished.
- Cleaned on underside to remove rubber residue.
- Dampened with x3 platter rings.
- Controlled speed to 33.3rpm
- Stack platters Used
- Platter break removed.
- Garrard 301/Gimp mat replaces standard Lenco mat.
- Spindle extender utilised.
* 1.2kg Copper weight used to flatten warped vinyl and improve bearing rumble levels.

Plinth - Replaced with new 15kg 90mm Baltic Birch ply.
* New bamboo base plinth added

Plinth feet - Now fully sit flush to plinth and properly coupled to plinth
- Now have additional 7mm sorbothane footers to absorb vibration
* Additional rubber feet under sorbothane footers.

Plinth threads - Now have bespoke 3mm depth / 25mm diameter sorbothane washers to improve vibration supression and plinth coupling
- Mounting washers have been replaced from 10mm to 25mm to work with bespoke sorbothane washers in a bid to improve coupling
and vibration supression over a larger surface area.
- Are now maximally screwed into place into the top plate mounts.

Cartridge - Cartridge pins cleaned and polished.
* Shure M55E original stylus removed for JICO neo SAS N55E replacement.
- Shure M55E body removed and replaced with Snakewood body.
- Cartridge bolts modded to non-ferrous 3mm for added mass.
- Plastic stylus guard removed to elimanate vibration.

Tonearm - Tonearm tags re-crimped to ensure better contact with cartridge pins.
- Additional head shell mass added for Denon 103M
- Mpingo seperator added to supress resonance to Denon 103M cartridge
- Tonearm cable RCA plugs cleaned and polished.
- Tonearm cable earth spade cleaned and polished.
- Tonearm wiring tags cleaned / polished
- Tonearm decoupled and coupled to plinth.
- Replaced tonearm with Alphason HR100s
- Tonearm cable replaced with Nordost TYR and also decoupled from plinth.
* Tonearm properly coupled to top-plate
* New tonearm mount made for improved vibration isolation and VTA setting.
* Tonearm recieved silver rewire + silver cartridge tags and a complete bearing strip and repair.

Motor - Nigels Speed Controller added.
- New screened power cable with uprated silver plated plug, IEC & fuse.
- On/Off switch relocated under plinth and mounted on Sorbothane to reduce vibration getting into bearing and top plate.
- Power lead earthing spade removed from motor casing. Motor casing now very tightly screwed together. Supressing vibration.
- Power supplied to Motor clean and filtered.
- Flexible light weight power lead replaced 43 year old equivalent. Decoupled from plinth.
- Completely stripped, cleaned externally, all components ultrasonically cleaned, reoiled, re-built.

Bearing - Replaced lightly modified bearing for Jolyon bearing
- Bearing coupled to top plate with additional bearing clamp.
- Bearing stiffened even further with additional transverse plinth metal strut.

Idler Arm - Completely stripped, polished and ultrasonically cleaned.
- Idler wheel and idler arm rubber mount removed and freshly lubricated with vaseline
- Idler wheel newly oiled.
- Idler wheel oscillation fixed with Werner stability mod added.
- Idler arm slider fixed - Now not slack and not rattling.
- Idler arm park coupled better to top plate with isolation gromets. Screw replaced with non-ferrous nut/bolt/washer from better coupling.

Top plate - Paintwork repaired and primed/resprayed wherever needed.
- All excess holes filled with resin to improve stiffness of top plate.
- Idler arm spring column dampened.
- Remove excessive metal from speed selector, remove excess screws, fill holes with resin.
- Transit screws removed.
* The entire underside of the top plate filled with marine resin.
* Speed selector hole now completely filled in.

Linkages - On/off linkage into idler parking arm has vibration supression washer added.
- No give in any linkages.
* The entire speed selector mechanism and linkages have been removed, a total of 13 components removed.