View Full Version : New Video Showing KT150 Monoblocks and Preamplifier

AD Audio
21-02-2017, 11:48

21-02-2017, 12:25
Great stuff, David. Looks like a great product, driven by sonic principles I admire, and I thought you came across very well in the interview. Good luck with it! :cool:


21-02-2017, 13:07
Having had first hand experience with AD Audio and David, who was originally put my way buy a member of this parish actually,
I can whole heartedly recommend his services and products. Always informative, very considerate to the customers needs and executed with great care and professionalism.
Good luck with these wonderful, high quality products. :thumbsup:

AD Audio
22-02-2017, 10:43
Thanks for the good wishes Guys. Here's some pictures of the preamp and mono blocks.

http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah169/ADAudio2014/IMG_0101e%20Logo_zpsldobtoib.jpg (http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/ADAudio2014/media/IMG_0101e%20Logo_zpsldobtoib.jpg.html)http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah169/ADAudio2014/IMG_0111e%20Logo_zps9sbmpz93.jpg (http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/ADAudio2014/media/IMG_0111e%20Logo_zps9sbmpz93.jpg.html)http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah169/ADAudio2014/IMG_0316-2%20logo_zpsidunsgr7.jpg (http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/ADAudio2014/media/IMG_0316-2%20logo_zpsidunsgr7.jpg.html)