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17-01-2017, 19:53
a friend of mines father sadly passed away and shes been left with all his hifi stuff to sell.
would someone kindly advise me on the quality and value of the reel to reels so i can pass the info on and make sure she gets a fair price to give to her mother.
many thanks.





17-01-2017, 20:11
Thats a shame... good of you to help... sure some of the r2r guys will help out

Arkless Electronics
17-01-2017, 20:21
Ah they speak of a particular time in hi fi history I believe.... quadraphonics! I would suggest they're rare,(not so much the Teac) but not that valuable due to them being built for a specific fad in the early to mid 70's... I wouldn't want to put a specific value on them though.

Audio Al
19-01-2017, 06:56
Will comment later :)

Audio Al
19-01-2017, 11:53
Hi Jamie

What I am posting here is my opinion other will disagree

I can't see anything special here , You will need to take into account the following

Do they all FULLY WORK ?
They are 4 track machines most favour 2 track machines

At the age of these R2R's you could not offer any guarantee or offer postage options ( couriers can destroy almost everything ) or PayPal ( because of the claim back system PayPal offer buyers )

My advice would be put them on eBay as spares or repair ( no guarantee or returns ) and let the market decide a value

They have limited appeal now sadly only to us fruit cakes :mental: :D

Sorry its not better news :(

19-01-2017, 17:00
ok mate,thanks for the advice,i will pass it on. :)

24-01-2017, 05:44
Quite like the Sony and the Teac,but working condition is the main decider on value.
Id start at 100 each,see if theres any intetrest

01-02-2017, 02:38
There's still some quad guys around. I'd go to the headiest record shop in town and talk to the owner about them. If you see a bunch of 8 track players stacked up on the shelves you're in the right place.

I'd like to setup a quad system just to try it out, but I'd have to get rid of all of my furniture except for a bong to really enjoy it.

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