View Full Version : Soon to be New Addition

14-12-2016, 11:29
Going to be taking ownership of a TEAC A-3300SX in the next couple of weeks, its off for a service first, picture below is not the one
I have purchased its just to show the model.


14-12-2016, 14:08
Very nice Cas I like the TEAC decks and they sound good

I have a 4 track 3440 grat piece of kit


14-12-2016, 16:54
Yes a nice 4 track to save me cash on buying new tape, cannot wait to get my hands on it, getting it at a reasonable price also 250 all serviced :)

14-12-2016, 17:07
I've always liked Teac machines, I had 3340S 4 track which as well as listening to music at home it was used to record demo tapes for the bands I used to play in.

http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g345/ian7633/teac_zps1fgwcfkz.jpg (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/ian7633/media/teac_zps1fgwcfkz.jpg.html)