View Full Version : Thorens TD124 - Radio Caroline footage

The Black Adder
05-12-2016, 08:24
You have probably seen this but this has been restored and is a nice watch.



Audio Al
05-12-2016, 13:15
Another one here

The Black Adder
05-12-2016, 14:47

If you haven't got this LP already then do so, it's superb and the sound quality is really quite good.



05-12-2016, 16:33
Lovely little film. thanks for posting.

what is the little lever at the bottom of the arm board. arm lift ?

The Black Adder
05-12-2016, 16:50
Hi Brain.

Yeah, it's an arm lift. I had one on mine originally but I changed to the SME arm which had one built in. Some had levers, some had a knob which turned. I think mine was a TP-10 arm?.. something like that.

05-12-2016, 17:53
Ah Radio Caroline! Spent a lot of my late twenties listening to Caroline 199.

As to the actual deck and arm - well the deck is a Thorens 124/II, fitted with an Ortofon SMG212 9" arm. The cueing device (i.e. the lever at the bottom of the arm board) is the rare Swedish-made SELA armboard with integrated lifting device. Made of the same grade aluminium as that of the turntable chassis, it provides one of the best couplings between arm and turntable chassis.

The headshell is a little more difficult to pin down. Ostensibly it looks like an SME S2 shell, save for the silver finish rather than the usual black of SME. The perforations around the badge are also a little different. I can't read the name on the badge, but it looks as though it could be 'Radford'. Radford used to be agents for the B&O range of cartridges and had SME supply them with silver-finish perforated headshells very similar to the SME S2. The name on the badge was of course 'Radford' written in the same style script as was used on the name badge on their amplifiers.

The cartridge? Well that's anyone guess!