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25-11-2016, 14:18
As featured on another thread. I have decided to go down a different route for a new demo system, hence this excellent little passive pre is up for sale.


4 line-level inputs;

Short signal paths;

Lorlin UK silver plated selector switch;

Twin 50K Log pots: Tocos Cosmos high quality mono potentiometers - these are closely matched and very smooth in operation. I prefer them to Blue Alps pots. Mono switches allow a balance control without anything extra in the signal path for better sound quality.

Discrete individual input to output earthing. This is more time consuming to build this way but ensures that no commoned earths are used thus reducing possibility of earth loops and hum.

Screened cables from input selectors and high quality Furutech OFC screened output cabling;

Quality gold plated RCA sockets;

High quality machined aluminium casework.

I have left an IEC socket (as fitted to original supplied casework) in place but IT IS NOT CONNECTED to any part of the circuit. It is there simply in case someone wishes to add an active buffer stage later on to convert this to an all-active preamp.

Bargain at 200 plus delivery.





25-11-2016, 16:02
PM sent, sorry Paul just read the ad properly:doh: after the initial (OMG that's gorgeous -I need it ) magpie reaction.......NO remote and I'm far too lazy to get up and adjust volume manually but lovely thing all the same GLWTS.

25-11-2016, 17:51
No worries Martin. If it had a remote for each volume, it wouldn't be selling at 200! You couldn't buy the parts for that I'm afraid.

26-11-2016, 19:20
OK, lets try 195 for this little beauty and I'll throw in free delivery anywhere in the uk. Absolute bargain at that.

07-12-2016, 16:01