View Full Version : FS: Orsonic AV-101S Headshell

Ammonite Audio
25-10-2016, 14:14
I bought this Orsonic AV-101S headshell on a whim a month or so back, but I simply don't need it. So, I'm offering it here before it goes back on eBay. Note that although it looks like the cartridge carrier slides, it does not; however a combination of generous slots and a good amount of fore/aft adjustment at the collet ensures that this is a very flexible (as in pretty much universal) and capable headshell.

It works fine and I'd like 125 for it, including UK postage.


Ammonite Audio
25-10-2016, 20:04
The weight of this headshell is 17.6g

Mighty Ant
05-02-2017, 17:30
The weight of this headshell is 17.6g

Hi Hugo,

Don't come here very often, sorry.

Is your Orsonic 101S still available?



Ammonite Audio
05-02-2017, 19:57
Hi Anthony

Yes it is. By coincidence I've just been fiddling with it and looking for some suitable long bolts to fit my demo Miyajima Shilabe to it. It's definitely a nicely engineered thing - the fore/aft and azimuth adjustment collet is particularly good.

Mighty Ant
06-02-2017, 18:06
Hello Hugo,

If it is still in the same condition as the photos show it, then I'll take it off your hands. Let me know how you would like to be paid (PPG?) and your details if not paypal.