View Full Version : Sony TC 765 buy it now

14-10-2016, 16:06
Another classic in very nice condition, fill your wellies :eyebrows:



14-10-2016, 16:12
Very nice. Seem to hold their price well, but i guess are expensive to run. Really need to move mine on if im not gonna get use out of it.

21-10-2016, 07:55
This particular deck from this particular buyer has been for sale for months and months (I know because I've been watching it) and whilst I hop from one foot to the other thinking shall I / shan't I, the deck still sits there.

Other equally desirable tape decks get sold (some 765's) but this one is still there and I just wonder why?

Does the seller keep getting messed about by time wasters (if so there've been quite a few) or is there some innate reason this deck won't move.

I'm just puzzled...................