View Full Version : Alphason HR-100 tonearm arm base for Rexton

Magna Audio
13-09-2016, 17:10
Here's a nice little project. A turned aluminium arm base. As per the original it has the Linn three hole fitting and 2, 120 deg opposed grub screws to securely hold the arm pillar.


13-09-2016, 17:20
are you sure that measurements right? ive just measured my alphason pillar and the size is 18.48 mm?

Magna Audio
13-09-2016, 18:27
The measurement was to Rexton's spec. He's just contacted me to say its 18.5mm.
I will bore it out to the new spec.
Thanks for letting us know.

13-09-2016, 18:45
Now that's service for you. I cough up later!

13-09-2016, 20:16
Glad it was spotted before posting:)