View Full Version : FS: Van Damme interconnect cables at the best prices

Mark Grant
04-09-2016, 21:00
Van Damme interconnect cables at the best prices.


Stereo pairs or single cables available.


single cables for subwoofer or centre channel etc:


I have been making low cost van Damme cables for years for musicians with various connector combinations such as jack plugs and XLR so have listed them on my site.

If you have a preference for any other cable or connector combination get in touch.

Highest possible build quality and great prices.

Order on my website or send me a message or email or phone.

04-09-2016, 22:41
Great - good cables these and very well priced too ;)

23-10-2016, 13:01
Just received a 0.75m set of these from Mark, for the price they are superb and all the cable you really need. Will be ordering again soon.